Case Studies...

Increasing Your Productivity and Success
To show how Janssen Consulting can benefit your organization, we have compiled some case studies which highlight our recent IT project work:

Statewide IPX-to-IP Migration

One of our clients has a large 20,000+ node computer network that spans the entire State of California. Running a mixture of Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, and SUN Solaris platforms, more than 50% of their protocol mix consisted of IPX traffic prior to our engagement. We sent a team of two consultants who performed a detailed analysis, wrote a migration manual with theory, design, implementation procedures and contingency plans, provided training and guidance to approximately 200 network administrators and assistants, and worked with their WAN group, in order to perform a phased migration from IPX to IP. Our consultant team also wrote custom server management software to assist the Enterprise Server Team during the migration.

Client Benefits

The client benefited tremendously from the phase-out of the IPX protocol; they were able to upgrade their high-speed WAN core with high-end Cisco ISP routers which do not support IPX (and hence run much more efficient); furthermore, their WAN team no longer had to troubleshoot IPX problems or budget for any additional IPX-related training, freeing up time and money for IP-related troubleshooting and training; and finally, their WAN bandwidth utilization is now far more efficient, allowing for a higher volume of network traffic to traverse the state, including real-time streaming video.

Server Migrations

A Janssen Consulting client was faced with the daunting task of upgrading their main network operating system for servers throughout the entire enterprise to the next major revision, while at the same time laying the foundation for a sound Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) over the IP protocol. A small Janssen Consulting team performed a thorough analysis and established procedures and training manuals, and then guided the client through the upgrade process which included almost 200 servers.

Client Benefits

Through the use of an external consultancy firm, the upgrade process was accelerated significantly, resulting in less down time and allowing the client to benefit from newer system features sooner. Meanwhile, the client's server support staff was able to see to their normal daily tasks, thereby minimizing the impact of the server upgrades on their users.

Internet Firewall/Proxy/Cache/VPN Implementation

For one of our small business clients, we recently moved their Internet access from multiple 56K dialup lines to a T1 line, using a state-of-the-art Internet Firewall/Proxy/Cache implementation which has full security and network user integration features, providing the client with fast, secure, and cached Internet access combined with user web access auditing features.

Client Benefits

The client was able to increase productivity by having seamless, secure, immediate, and fast access to the Internet for all networked workstations, while at the same time being able to monitor user web browsing behavior, to avoid non-business related web browsing behavior which could negatively impact productivity.

Directory Security Enforcement

After management effectuated a very strict statewide user access security policy, one of our clients needed help with the system wide implementation of this policy. Janssen Consulting wrote software that enabled the client to streamline user security settings throughout the organization's directory database, without having to manipulate user accounts container by container, or individually.

Client Benefits

Our job saved the client weeks of tedious user account management work, made the client's computing environment more secure, and provided a vehicle for the client to implement possible future security policy changes throughout the organization in a snap.

Forensic Data Recovery

One of our clients had a situation where an employee was allegedly involved in a Nigerian 419 Fraud scam. Well before this person's arrest, and before the oldest available tape backup was made, the employee might have erased valuable evidence from his desktop PC and/or personal home directory on a server. The server, being part of a group of servers integrated with directory services, had recently been migrated to new hardware, and the old server was available but inaccessible due to the way the directory migration process operates. Janssen Consulting sent out an engineer who worked with the U.S. Secret Service to bring the server's directory database to a state where forensic data recovery of user files was once again possible, while preserving the owner status of each file on the server for evidence reasons.

Client Benefits

Our firm brought in the expertise to do an unusual job, which the client may not have been able to do independently, and if they would have, would have come at the expense of other important work.