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Systems Engineer
Engineer with four (4) years of experience in detailed design and physical layouts of IT systems. Considerable knowledge of available hardware, system software, input/output devices and network configurations.

Leads the detailed design of IT systems of increasing complexity. Performs detailed design for like systems. Manages the design team. Responsible for timeliness, quality and cost-effectiveness of the design work. Participates on program and project teams and helps to shape overall system requirements.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or Business, Science, Engineering or related field, or equivalent experience.

Available under CMAS.

Key Benefits

  • Our senior and experienced consultants help you navigate the road to success!
  • These consultants work independently, or can be part of a team.
  • They can handle heavy-duty, enterprise-level project work.
  • Consultants are industry certified (MCSE, CNE, CCNP, or other).
  • Many have a Bachelor's degree in an IT-related field.

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Regular Rate/Hr (Sacramento Region)


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